A downloadable Planet Crafter

Early Alpha

This is the Alpha Version of Planet Crafter. The game is in active development and should be released during the first quarter of 2022.

For now, it's still a prototype, but we are looking for players to give us feedback!

Survive, Collect, Craft

You are sent on an hostile planet with one mission: make it habitable for Humans. Gather minerals and resources to survive. Craft all the tools you'll need in order to fulfill your mission. Explore old crashed ships and ruins and discover a planet full of mystery.

Build you own base

You'll need a base and all sorts of machines to make yourself at home, and be able to bring life on this planet!

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fun game but in this version it gets stuck on the door and walking is weird. Will there be another update of this game on itch.io and at what price do you plan to issue it? (Sory for such a small Q&A but I'm a game developer starting my journey to Unity) This game will be a hit

Fun!  Looking forward to the beta or the next playable release.  Plenty to work with here!  

Hey Miju you should lower the graphic to make it a little more arcady or a little more smooth because right now it's a little too detailed. Mabey a bit more smother textures somewhat like satisfactory?

Hello, wow this is a really nice game, its sorta of satisfactory but for free! I love it! also yea Mabey multiplayer would be good and some clans to help each other create a huge empire mabey. I would love that and I'm pretty sure it's like 100$ on steam to create a multiplayer server. so mabey a solo/multiplayer modes.

this is epic

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I would like to know if multiplayer a possibility?


For now, I will focus mainly on the solo part of the game. But if everything is doing well, I would love to work on a multiplayer mode :)

This game makes me think Satisfactory and Subnautica had a baby!

Can't wait to see what happens~ Blis

Thank you for trying out the game! :)

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I thought I just saw an update with terraforming in my feed, you guys took it down?


Nevermind, I read that on a mail haha.


The game is fun but the controls especially moving makes me want to punch a baby so hard it's not funny. :<


Thank you for the feedback, please try to not punch any baby because of us! :D

We promise the controls are going to be OK in the final game!

Uhh sorry if you thought I actually wanted to do that and u were alerted.

It's okay I have Doom Eternal to punch demons in for now.

Space does almost nothing for me. I barely jump. Please come out with a save option soon! Other than those it is an amazing game with a lot of potential.

Yes, I'm aware of this bug, I'll fix it in the Beta version ! :)

Awesome!!!!! How soon is the beta  version coming?

Beta should be available around june :) I'll keep everyone updated !

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this game has a lot of potential but there is some major bug

like holding down space makes you fly incredibly high and the movement isn't very good either

there is a long way to go but if it gets polished enough this could make a great game and its very nice to see that there are structures in comparison to other games that's already a very good start.

 looking forward to seeing more like this :D

Thank you for the feedback! I'm aware of the bugs you mentioned and it's on my top priorities to fix it! :)

This is such a promising start and for an early alpha there's a lot of content here!! I think I did everything I could but I definitely feel like there were more areas I could have explored! This one is definitely getting wishlisted!!


takumi go vorm vrom

Ok so i love this game and it has so much potential but there are some very annoying things that i hope get fixed in the full version and they are! I can't walk into my living pod because the walking is so not good the slightest ramp can completely stop you if you don't get the placement right and its just so annoying. The next one is i don't know how to find water are we supposed to forage for it or just keep on passing out and losing all your exploration progress. Thats all ive really found annoying so far so please fix these but overall its a great game

Thank you for the feedback! We are aware that the walking is not perfect, we will work on that. To craft water, you need to use a Crafting Station that you need to build in your pod :)



this game seems fun

This game is good like space engineer and with less space used (I mean game files size)

Cool game, really like the concept, looking forward to seeing it more done.

Thank you!

are you using unreal to make games?

We are using Unity :)

Based on the game files I would say it is made in Unity

Nice game. Remember No Mans Sky.

Is this an indie game?

its not made by some AAA company so yes, it is.

Yes, it's completly indie as we are only two people working on it :)

Good Luck For making  LEGEND game!!!!:)

Thank you! :)


This game, is just, awesome.

The hard work you put into this is great, still has a bit of bugs, but this is an alpha after all...

I would like to see more of this great work...

Q : Is the game going to be free when released?


Thank you! Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter if you want to stay up to date with the project! The alpha & beta version will be free, but the full game won't.

Sure, I will check the newsletter, and I will be waiting for the full game :D

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Wauw, this game was quite the fun!

First off, this game reminds me so much of Subnautica, from which I suspect you have taken just a little bit of inspiration ;)

I really like the idea, I never really though a game of this genre and type would work so well on Mars! Now, of course this is not yet perfect, but as stated, it is an Alpha Version, and I can not wait to see the progress over the next year! 

How come you only have a year to further develop this though? This has some much potential, you should really keep it up even after that, perhaps even propose this idea to the creators of Subnautica and see if you could be involved in commercial project with this concept! It could be called Astronautica or Cosmonautica haha.

Jokes aside, you would have nothing to lose by trying this, and I really think there might just be a chance that this would work. Develop this game as you whish over the next year, and you will have a great proof of concept and even blueprint for when presenting it, if you actually choose to take this path.

Now, back to the concrete game. The music was nice, but a bit repetitive as of now. The gameplay was simple, but fun! The graphics are good for an early alpha, and I am surprised how many assets the game already contain. The resources models could use a little tweaking. The Sizes make them seem almost "cartoony" so to speak. And of course some of the attest do not yet have a function.

I did give it a while, but did not see any actual change in the environment with the terraforming, I assume this feature is not yet in the game, is that correct? I would really like to see that implemented! :D

I know this is just an early version, but in the full release I would like to see more incentive to build a base, other than just doing it for fun. I know I have to stop with the Subnautica comparison, but when playing that game, I never got to really build a cool and fleshed out base, as it was not really required to complete the game.

So to conclude, this game was great for an Alpha, and I do not doubt that it will be even better ones the future updates release! I will be looking forward to this! 5/5 star from me, from what I have seen so far! Keep up the good work!


And if you would like me too, I would gladly upload your trailer to my channel too! not that I have a lot of subscribers, but it would be free advertisement. If so, I will of course refer it directly to your channel and/or whatever else media you want it to refer to, by adding it in the description and by adding an edit to the beginning of the vidio. You could also yourself edit a trailer that channels could upload, so that any connections you want made is done exactly how you like them. Anyway, it is up to you, but I would gladly have this awesome trailer for this awesome game on my channel!



Thank you for the let's play and the comment! :)

The game is indeed inspired by subnautica, among other games. The terraforming is not yet implemented, you saw everything the alpha had to offer :D

Dont bother updating the trailer, but feel free to upload another let's play when the beta or full version will be available :)

Lot's of good ideas & comments in there, I'll keep track of it!

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Do you plan to implement wild life too? :)

And what other games did you draw inspiration from? I would like to see if I could recognize some of the features from these games.


For now, there is no plan on implementing wild life. If the game is well receive on launch, maybe I'll add this kind of features.

Other inspirations are games like "Planet Base", "The forest", The long Dark", or the board game "Terraforming Mars".