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Will there be another update in the future?

It had a full release about a year ago on Steam. Check it out there.

i  cant download it

Does it work on Mac?

why did it say its forbidden and didnt let me download

its released now 


i receive a message suggesting to build base in altitude 

do i really need to move all my stuff ?

man water is rising and my base is next to a lake feeeeels bad man


The game is currently shit, I recommend you release a full version on

this is itch.i

I know

the better version is on steam theres the demo which is better than the alpha and the game is still in early access but is costs 15.99$ on steam the link is here

I'm approaching late-game stats.  (Roughly 5 GTi, have built one of everything that's available to build, etc.)

I don't know how best to proceed.  I can keep mining iridium & uranium & osmium, and using the results to build gizmos to create heat, pressure, O2, etc... but the game doesn't give me suggestions as to what to do.  It was doing that earlier in the game, but no longer.

Once I get the ability to plant trees, I'll do that, but now that I have the super-duper energy plant, I really don't know what to focus on.

Make all your energy plants out of the Nuclear Reactor T2.  Save the Zeolite for trees.  Launch many of the boost rockets, as they stack.  Get the Ore Extractor T2 to mine Super Alloy or Aluminum (and make your own Alloy).  Get all the Blueprint Microchip things unlocked.  (Jetpack T3 is the final one, I think?  Or some habitat things?).  Check out this cool map.  If you navigate to your "C:\Users\<your user name here>\AppData\LocalLow\MijuGames\Planet Crafter", and drag and drop the Survival-#.json file onto the map, it'll show you all your containers, and even a rocket icon, which if you click, shows how many boost rockets you have.  If you get 3 or more of each Heat, Pressure, Oxygen, and Biomass, then you will start going up pretty fast, once you get all the seeds, convert them all to tree seeds, get the Tree Spreader T1, T2, and T3 going.  Get the item destructor blueprint unlocked to break Pulsar Quartz into constituent components to get the Zeolite and make more tree spreaders.  Before you can do that, make sure you have a big area for 30-40 Nuclear Reactor T2s.  Set up 2 x Ore Extractor T2 in the Uranium cave and start farming those and Super Alloy, going for Iridium and Sulfur as needed to make Explosive Powder.  If you get to 10-15GW/h (10.000-15.000kW/h) power generation, then you should be in good shape.  Get at least 4, maybe 5-6 Algae Spreader T2 going in deep water, stacking/overlapping seems fine.  Get the lake AND Atmospheric water collector thingies, sometimes you need it.  Make at least one, possibly 2 gas extractors.  Make 4x Squash and 8x Eggplant growing in Food Grower T2 (and 2-4 Green Bean and 2-4 Mushroom if needed).  You'll be so busy chasing stuff around, you'll never seem to catch up and hit 600 GTi before you know it.

It would be nice if there was an off-road vehicle for players to use to travel around on in game in Planet Crafter & also if that off-road vehicle had many storage compartments in it as well. So, players can quickly drive around the map transporting materials to different parts of the map quickly.

What about a vehicle with a buildable platform, so you can drive your base to the resources?  Haha!

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More detailed system requirements, such as specific minimum video card model that will technically run the game.  I have an old card, it runs most games, but some newer games can't run on the card.  Can't do an upgrade right now.  Trying demo to see.  Edit: Followup note, the game runs ok on my card that is below the listed minimum specs, using the lowest quality settings at 1920x1200.  It could probably do medium settings.  But at Ultra or Maximum, the games runs way too slow to be playable, at 5-ish FPS.  But even on the lowest setting, the card runs hot at 80°C with maximum fan RPM.  So the card will probably burn out after a few months of that.  But I'd say it still counts as a suscess for "Minimum Requirements".  EVGA GeForce 480 GTX with 1.5 GB GDDR5 RAM.  This old card is legend.  Edit 2: And now I own a copy in my game library.  Have fun developing the game, and playing.

What you are talking about is absolute rubbish. If you don't have a good PC then don't talk nonsense. 80 FPS with i7-12700KF and RTX3090 without problems. If you have a computer from 2 years ago. Don't play Fortnite like that. The game is great and runs smoothly with no crashes

@gigabenga Take your troll comments and privileged perspective elsewhere.  My comments are specifically about MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS.  The game runs fine on stated card and settings.  Get over yourself and your elitist attitude.  Sociopathic people like you destroy communities.


FYI to those looking at the game from here - its now on steam in early access!

The game has improved massively since the alpha (in both content and optimizations) and the price stands at around $22 CAD (~$17.50 USD)

Check out the steam page here:

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It's $19.99 on Steam now.  If you are lucky and it shows up in your discovery queue, you have roughly 1 to 1.5 hours to buy it at 10% off for around $17.99.  I had intended to do this, but played the free game demo version for a half hour first.  Something went wrong with a page reload, and the discount disappeared.  I bought the game anyways. Though it is disappointing that the glitch cost $2.  It's not a lot, and I am still happy to support the developer.  Edit: Fixed typos.

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make it look like oldschool doom please

How d you run this game?

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I just want to say that in Itch.exe for windows doesn't appear the executable of the game, so I am installing it on webpage.

My computer can't run it at 15 fps, so I can't say if it's good or bad game, but I can say is not optimized for me.

What video card, CPU, RAM, OS, game settings?  I'm using a 12 year old EVGA 480 GTX on an AMD FX 8350 with 32 GB DDR3 RAM and Windows 10, with lowest quality game settings.  The lowest quality is fine for me, the game still looks great and runs pretty smooth, except during heavy rains, then I stutter badly and can barely move.  As your post is 3 months old, and there have been several updates, would you be willing to try again and see if the results are any different?

Thanks for answering!

I use a laptop, AMD A9, 3.1GHz, 8 GB  RAM (Only 6 are useful) Windows 10. Maybe game settings are the problem here, I don't know how to downgrade them, the Unity run settings doesn't appear to me. A in-game menu for this would be great if you ask me.

I played the game (updated) before my answering, but still with low Framerate (aprox. the same).

P. D.: The game still not appearing in Itch for Windows. I got the same problem with my last project, and I fixed it by marking the game as executable after fully uploaded.

sick ay!

add item stac

Hey, Miju. just wanted to know if this game will be multiplayer, and fill that crack Subnautica couldn't, as it would most likely have more players playing it then. it would be really fun to have a new multiplayer survival game on the platforms :)

N0obody NEED Multiplayer Stupid Boy

Never said it was needed tho... Just said it would be cool.


Hey @Simplic, I see you were tolled by someone else who also trolled me.  I just thought I'd give a friendlier response.  I see this comment is about 5 months old.  But in a Steam News post on the game this past week, the developer stated no current plans to add multiplayer.  The reason and rationale and decision is to focus on quality and content development to reach a full version 1.0 release.  After that time, they are open to considering adding new features like multiplayer or world generation.  If they try to add a complex feature like multiplayer right now, it would mean stalling content creation, game play, and might disappoint people like me who paid for early access.  If it were my game, I might have made a different decision to include multiplayer from the beginning.  But it's fine, either way, it's their decision and their right to make it.  I support the developer, and other likeminded players who are just here to enjoy a game without pointless insults.  :)


thank you for a constructive reply, and now that the game us in early access, it is clear that the story setting doesn't allow it either, as of now, so they would have to change the story to two prisoners being sent to the same planet, or eventually a unique two player story, so I see why it would be quite a lot of work.


Will it cost money?

How are we able to join the beta version?

You can get the beta version by subscribing to our newsletter here :

Any Room For Beta Testers On Windows 11 

Hello Mijugames! I'd like to get in touch with you about testing your game in Linux. Believe it or not, your closed Beta demo does play on Linux, but there is a major UI issue that needs worked out. See included screenshot!


MSI Raider GE76-231 Notebook: 10870H 8-Core 16-Thread CPU 32GB DDR4 PC3200 System RAM Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU 16GB VRAM PCIE Gen3 1TB NVME M.2 SSD 

Operating System: POP OS 21.04 (Linux) Kernal Version: 5.11 

Gnome Version: 3.38

Nvidia Driver Version: 470.57.02 Proprietary

Viewing game off of HDMI connected 4K TV.

Hopefully this is enough information to help you guys out with this. Again, I'd be interested in speaking further on testing. I really love this game already, and I think it has the potential to be a masterpiece. 

PS: Another issue I am having, is the mouse sensitivity is way off the scale, and I can't seem to adjust it in game. If I didn't have an adjustable DPI mouse, (Logitech G502 Hero) I wouldn't be able to play the game.

Had this problem. it's fixed by installing the MS fonts in Wine

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fun game but in this version it gets stuck on the door and walking is weird. Will there be another update of this game on and at what price do you plan to issue it? (Sory for such a small Q&A but I'm a game developer starting my journey to Unity) This game will be a hit

Fun!  Looking forward to the beta or the next playable release.  Plenty to work with here!  

Hey Miju you should lower the graphic to make it a little more arcady or a little more smooth because right now it's a little too detailed. Mabey a bit more smother textures somewhat like satisfactory?

Hello, wow this is a really nice game, its sorta of satisfactory but for free! I love it! also yea Mabey multiplayer would be good and some clans to help each other create a huge empire mabey. I would love that and I'm pretty sure it's like 100$ on steam to create a multiplayer server. so mabey a solo/multiplayer modes.

this is epic

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I would like to know if multiplayer a possibility?


For now, I will focus mainly on the solo part of the game. But if everything is doing well, I would love to work on a multiplayer mode :)

What do you think the price will be in Steam

(Please be free)

Not sure what price will be for the game on Steam. It won't be free tough, as developing this kind of game require a lot of time and effort. But you can join our newsletter to get a free access to the beta versions before launch.

I already get it.

This game makes me think Satisfactory and Subnautica had a baby!

Can't wait to see what happens~ Blis

Thank you for trying out the game! :)

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I thought I just saw an update with terraforming in my feed, you guys took it down?


Nevermind, I read that on a mail haha.


The game is fun but the controls especially moving makes me want to punch a baby so hard it's not funny. :<


Thank you for the feedback, please try to not punch any baby because of us! :D

We promise the controls are going to be OK in the final game!

Uhh sorry if you thought I actually wanted to do that and u were alerted.

It's okay I have Doom Eternal to punch demons in for now.

Space does almost nothing for me. I barely jump. Please come out with a save option soon! Other than those it is an amazing game with a lot of potential.

Yes, I'm aware of this bug, I'll fix it in the Beta version ! :)

Awesome!!!!! How soon is the beta  version coming?

Beta should be available around june :) I'll keep everyone updated !

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this game has a lot of potential but there is some major bug

like holding down space makes you fly incredibly high and the movement isn't very good either

there is a long way to go but if it gets polished enough this could make a great game and its very nice to see that there are structures in comparison to other games that's already a very good start.

 looking forward to seeing more like this :D

Thank you for the feedback! I'm aware of the bugs you mentioned and it's on my top priorities to fix it! :)

This is such a promising start and for an early alpha there's a lot of content here!! I think I did everything I could but I definitely feel like there were more areas I could have explored! This one is definitely getting wishlisted!!


takumi go vorm vrom

Ok so i love this game and it has so much potential but there are some very annoying things that i hope get fixed in the full version and they are! I can't walk into my living pod because the walking is so not good the slightest ramp can completely stop you if you don't get the placement right and its just so annoying. The next one is i don't know how to find water are we supposed to forage for it or just keep on passing out and losing all your exploration progress. Thats all ive really found annoying so far so please fix these but overall its a great game

Thank you for the feedback! We are aware that the walking is not perfect, we will work on that. To craft water, you need to use a Crafting Station that you need to build in your pod :)

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