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the camera just keeps spininning... so i can´t play :(

Can't play at all - camera just keeps spinning from the very beginning. Tried several things, but no go.  This was clearly never fixed.  

This is nice! The art and music are also great, but it would be better if the river had a little animation. And there is a bigger problem... I can't find any of the rocks for the bear, so the wolf doesn't let me go to the other area :(

Wild Child feels like a sweet candy beautiful at first and soft right after it...

I check the games you made by the recommendation of a friend for The Planet Crafter and I absolutely wanted to try this game and I wasn't wrong!

I felt calm and happy when I was playing this, a really comfortable moment.

The artistic direction fit the game just perfectly.

I took some time to find the last carrot but at no moments I felt like it was boring to find the last one, it was exactly the reverse of it.

I wanted to get that last carrot to make the rabbit happy and be friend with him.

I also felt like it could be a heavenly land for the animals that may had trouble in their respective lives...

Where you can just find whatever you need and someone is there to help you find it when you didn't by yourself!

to not make it longer I really enjoyed the game and it let my stress slip out by himself.

I would give it a 10/10.

(Sorry for my French):

Le jeu était vraiment agréable, j'espère que de futures mise a jour arriveront après le développement de The Planet Crafter. Je pense que vous avez vraiment quelque chose à faire de génial avec ce jeu!

en un mot. Merci!

amazing game so far, everything fits so well, just wish  sprinting  or jumping was an option...felt a tad bit too slow

I didn't find how can i execute the game on linux so if i learn how can i do i will play.

First, this is a beautiful game. The graphics, the music, and all the hearts and flowers flowing through the air... beautiful. I even loved the moose shaking his head now and then. Second, I am so disappointed that I wasn't able to give the final animal his cactus. I gave the polar bear the mushrooms then the game just ended, and I never gave the cactus to anyone. The controls were a bit of an odd choice for keyboard, too, but mostly I wanted to see the last animal. Otherwise a beautiful and serene environment


Very lovely game so far! The low poly graphics are really cute. Would be nice if you could jump or something, even if it was just to break up the monotomy of walking, which honestly is the weakest part I've seen so far. The music is gorgeous, I love how it fades in and out with the day/night cycle.

Very nice and cute game ! I love the animal's design 
I was just disturbed by the camera movements wich gave me headeaches and the end which is too brutal, I didn't have the opportunity to gave my mushrooms to the polar bear before the end :(

We are aware of the camera issue and we will fix it in the next update. We plan to change the ending and adding different quests in the next few months.

Thank you for playing our game! =)

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good arcade
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Firstly, a very enjoyable and relaxing game. Thank you.
I've got a couple of issues to mention though. I've got to the end of the game and have the end screen, but it is showing fullscreen, borderless, and there is no mouse pointer, no exit button, and it's not responding to keyboard input, so there's no way to close it. I can't even mouse out of the window. The only thing I can do is ALT-TAB to another window and crash it out. Fortunately I'm on dual monitors as the game screen is still displayed fullscreen. I'm on Windows 7 x64. I did notice in Task Manager that the UnityCrashHandler was running, although the end game animations were still functional.
Also, it could do with mouse control for the camera, and not just on the controller, as I got motion sickness when running as the camera bounced around so much on rough terrain. I've played a lot of fast 3D games and I don't get motion sickness. So thought I'd mention it.

Thank you for you feedback Pontebodkin! You're right, we have to fix some issues with the camera, we'll try to improve it in the next update.
We'll do a better final screen too.

Thank's for playing our game, glad you liked it :)

really cool but what are you meant to do with the wolves? And do they attack you?

Thanks! All the animals are friendly. The wolf is nothing but a nice guardian :) He only wants to make sure you befriended all the previous animals before letting you explore the other biomes.

It would be nice if animals said something when you tried to interact with them even after you completed the objective. It can be something simple that repeats like "thank you" or cycle between a list of sentences

Also it might be good to add easier difficulty for small children, that places more collectibles on the map

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Thanks for your feedback @wryn!

Yeah, it would be pretty cool to make animals talk more after you completed the quests. Actually, we might add it in a further update.

Didn't think about it, but an easier difficulty for small children is a nice idea!

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Game is awesome and graphics .i realy like your game,silent and mind fresh game.

Improve stuff:

1) improve player  Controller 

2)When i Press only shift sprint sound coming.....

3)Camera controller improve

4)* Player Animation 

............I Really like this game good work :) 

Thank you for this usefull feedback Nitin! We'll try to make it better in the next updates!


The game is cute and adorable. Very easy to play. Perfect for a lazy day.

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! :)


Like it says in the Title Took My Breath away!! Wow <3 Keep it up <3 <3 <3 

Hi there,

I enjoyed playing your game, nice relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, well done !

Some stuffs I noticed that you may want to improve :

- The game suffered from lags like every 5 seconds while walking, I think you might debug the FPS / performance of your game and try it with bigger/smaller resolutions, from experience it can come from this... (in my case I'm on a 1920x1080 screen resolution)

- The camera movement is a bit frustrating, as the game is supposed to be an exploration game I expected to be able to move the camera freely in all directions to watch the landscape and find the plants to collect. In my opinion a first improvement can be to make the camera rotation a little higher (or even better being able to control the camera up and down with the mouse for example)

- In a further version you can add small details like sound effects / particles when the character grab plants or reach a goal. I also "unlocked" an animal and expected to see it moving and was a bit disappointed to see that it only add an heart on the top of the animal. Without it the game feels a bit lifeless (apart from the great music !)

I may ask a lot of things but that's already a wonderful game for such a short time of development, keep up the good work !


Hello Thomashim! 

Thanks a lot for this really usefull feedback.

I think I know what is causing the lag every 5 seconds, I'll try something to fix it.

We'll ship an update in the next few days, we'll try to fix as much as we can =)

Thank you again !

Looks really good, enjoyed playing it! Some feedback though:

  • At the start of the game, you have these nice images of the controls ... but their function isn't explained. Took me a minute to understand what to do and how to do it.
  • The camera angle is very low, which means you can't really see what you're picking up at times.
  • Walking speed was a tad slow, but that might just be my laggy computer :p
  • Maybe a reward for finding an animal? (Like: now you can ride on their back and search faster/previously unreachable areas!)
  • When I started a new game, it took a good two minutes to start (I thought the game was crashing). Don't know if that's normal?

Besides that, unbelievable work for 4 weeks of development!


Thank you so much for the feedback ! We are working on a update, we'll try to implement your advices ! :)

Keep it up, was So Breath taking and Fun!! <3 <3

Loved this game!! Awesome work!! Keep up this great work!! Will be looking forward to play more games like this. ;-)

Thanks a lot! Such comments keep us motivated! =)