A downloadable Wild Child for Windows and Linux

We are excited and proud to present Wild Child, MIJU GAMES' very first game. Created during a four-weeks game jam, the game might not be flawless, but here we are: we made it!

We hope you will enjoy this little journey on the island and become friend with its inhabitants.

This version is an early one and we would like to improve it. In fact, we have lots of ideas to make it funnier, more challenging and more immersive. We like to see this version like a base for further developments. So if you guys show a positive interest for this primary edition, we will be super-motivated to give it a go!

Newly formed, MIJU GAMES is a small team of two  - 1 dev + 1 artist - willing to make quality content. We are already busy making new projects for which we have tons of ideas. Stay tuned!

Miju Game

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Install instructions

Unzip and play.

For Mac open with a right click.


Wild-Child-Win64.zip 121 MB
Wild-Child-Linux.zip 125 MB
Wild-Child-Win32.zip 118 MB
WildChildMac.zip 123 MB

Development log


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Looks really good, enjoyed playing it! Some feedback though:

  • At the start of the game, you have these nice images of the controls ... but their function isn't explained. Took me a minute to understand what to do and how to do it.
  • The camera angle is very low, which means you can't really see what you're picking up at times.
  • Walking speed was a tad slow, but that might just be my laggy computer :p
  • Maybe a reward for finding an animal? (Like: now you can ride on their back and search faster/previously unreachable areas!)
  • When I started a new game, it took a good two minutes to start (I thought the game was crashing). Don't know if that's normal?

Besides that, unbelievable work for 4 weeks of development!

Thank you so much for the feedback ! We are working on a update, we'll try to implement your advices ! :)

Keep it up, was So Breath taking and Fun!! <3 <3

Loved this game!! Awesome work!! Keep up this great work!! Will be looking forward to play more games like this. ;-)

Thanks a lot! Such comments keep us motivated! =)